Mother's Day 5K

A mother and child's bond is a special thing. Let's celebrate that most special woman by honoring her with a 5K run. Even better, bring her with you! Or if you are that hard working mom, take a little time for yourself and go out on this Mother's Day 5K!


Your reward is not only to have a special day to bond with your family but you'll receive our specially designed Mother and Child medal and race bib. 

Mother's Day 5K

  • The version of Mother's Day in the United States was started by Anna Jarvis  in 1908 when she celebrated her mother who had tried to popularize the idea previously. In 1914, President W. Wilson made the holiday official. This began a movement that included florists and other commercial aventues to try and capitalize on Mother's Day. When Anna Jarvis saw this, she began a movement to remove the holiday. She tried for the remained of her time but was unsuccessful. To this day, we present mother's with flowers, cards, and gifts. 


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