Jill's Beat Breast Cancer 5K

Have you met Jill? Jill is a nice girl. Jill meets Jack. Jack and Jill get married. Jack and Jill have kids. Things are going well for Jill. Then Jill gets breast cancer...

We all know a Jill. Someone doing well in life then getting hit with the news of the big C. This run is to honor all the Jill's out there: the one's fighting, the ones who survived, and those who didn't. RYRVR will give $5 from every entry to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. If you would like to increase your registration and have that money be donated as well, you may choose to at registration. If you would like to opt not to get a medal but donate the entire amount, please go directly to their website here.

To celebrate these women we will run and tip our glass to them. This special breast cancer awareness medal doubles as a wine stopper. Whether you use the stopper or not you still support the Jills with your entry to this event. And we at RYRVR thank you as we have a Jill in our life and thankfully, she's still in our life. 

(PS-That is not Jill in the picture, that's Pam, she knows Jill.)

Jill's Beat Breast Cancer 5K